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The SecondShift Podcast


Episode 58: The MikeyV Sandwich

Mike and Ritu bring Dr. Jarvis in the mix for the "cross over episode of the century"…um, described by Mike as a ménage a trois…it's not like that…he just meant it’s a 3 for one…even that doesn't sound right. He is simply saying how often do you get 2 AMAZING EMS Physicians on the same pod at the same time!? We tackle DROPERIDOL!! Remember that medication? It's was an amazing drug that lost its way. WE talk about why and how it's making a comeback.  We appreciate you listening to the SecondShift podcast! Still considered one of the top 10 in the industry, we couldn’t do it without your support! Thank you for the comments, reviews and emails!  If you haven’t, please go to your favorite podcast app and leave a rating and review! We appreciate it!


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