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The SecondShift Podcast


Episode 49: Who’s the Mann?

In this episode, Ritu and Mike are joined by Dr. Clay Mann, Ph.D. Dr. Mann is the Man when it comes to NEMSIS. NEMSIS? Yea.. you know, the reason we have the ability to look at 31 million EMS encounters across the United States….as the P.I, He is the key holder to unlocking some amazing EMS research. These guys have held up their end of the deal by recording more often, now what you can do is share, rate and leave us some feedback! We appreciate you listening to one of the top 10 EMS podcasts according to We don’t want to sound desperate, but we would love for you to subscribe and rate the SecondShift on iTunes! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you listening and joining in on the discussion!


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