When I first started learning ultrasound a few years ago I was taught that vertical lines moving back and forth with ventilation indicated fluid in the lungs. It looked like a car's head light in the fog and was called a "B-Line".
The problem is that I would see one or two lines in healthy individuals who likely had no fluid in their lungs (including myself). That began my quest to figure out:
1. How many lines do you need before you can say this is fluid?
2. How long do they have to be? Do they need to extend the entire lung field?
3. How do I differentiate between edema and consolidation?
I reached out to Chip Lange (@the_TOTAL_EM) who runs the fantastic TOTAL_EM podcast. He enthuestically told me about a free course he just released on lung ultrasound. In addition to TOTAL_EM, Chip runs a company teaching ultrasound all over the country. His buisness, PracticalPocus, has been an excellent resource for me and I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of this incredible free course he has designed. You can access this by clicking the picture below:
In this episode Chip and I do a quick review on lung ultrasound, interpreting B-lines, and differing between edema and consolidations. I think you will enjoy the discussion!
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