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The Educator's Atlas II - The Cyber Speaker

The Educator's Atlas II - The Cyber Speaker

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Nearly every EMS conference in 2020 went virtual due to the pandemic. EMS educators around the world had to rapidly learn how to not only adapt, but embrace the virtual classroom. The good news is that FOAMfrat has been creating engaging and creative content within the cyber-space for over six years, and we are ready to give you a backstage pass. 
In this course you will learn:
1.What changes for the speaker's audience cues and feedback
2.Keeping the distant learner engaged
3.Effective storytelling techniques used from your favorite movies
4.Choosing and setting up your microphone
5. Webcam and lighting tips from the FOAMfrat Studio
6. Tyler & Sam give you an all access pass to equipment set-up and configuration.
7. Constructing a CAPCE F5 skeleton for online CE's

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