I would have never imagined that I would be writing about taking off personal protective equipment (PPE) and certinely didn't think I would be learning about a fella referred to as the 'tiger king',  but here we are in 2020 and I am writing about taking off PPE. I was going to do this as a vlog but really didn’t want to waste the PPE.

This is going to be a quick overview of doffing PPE with the use of illustrations, because I am a visual leaner and I wanted to get this out quickly (I draw faster than I write). Hopefully we are pretty good with putting on the PPE, but honestly how much time was spent on taking it off, PPE that is.

As the PPE requirements change at a rapid rate, this is not going to be an all-inclusive review, just the basics of doffing gloves, goggles, mask and gowns. 

Special thanks to Courtney Graham for allowing me to use the amazing drawing of Sam. 


The sequence for putting on donning PPE should be: 

 Gloves > Gown > Mask > Eye Protection or Face Shield > Gloves 

1️⃣: ???????????? or ???? ???????? 

2️⃣: ????

3️⃣: ????




Notice that you will be double gloving. Your second pair of gloves should be pulled over the wrist area of your gown. 


Now we will move on to taking it off…… 

Doffing PPE is much more difficult than it seems, as the risk of inadvertent personnel contamination is high. While doffing PPE it is important to be slow and methodical. Many instituations have facilitated the use of check lists as well as observers to ensure inadevertent contamination does not occur.  

For taking off or doffing PPE the sequence will be: 

Gloves > Gown > Gloves > Eye Protection or Face Shield > Mask  

1️⃣: ????

2️⃣: ????

3️⃣: ????

4️⃣: ????

5️⃣: ????


This is Sam. Sam will show you the propper way of doffing your PPE. 


As you remove your first pair of gloves, remember they are contaminated. 

Remove your first glove by grabbing your palm area and begin to pull them off. After they are removed, remove the opposite side by sliding your fingers under the glove and between the gown and peel them off. 


Remove your gown by grabbing the front of the gown and pull it away from your body. As you are pulling the gown forward, turning it inside out into a bundle. 

Remove your second pair of gloves as described above. 

Eye Protection or Face Shield: 

Remove goggles or face shield by grabbing the back of the strap. If you are using eye protection, do not grab the front of the glasses, grab the sides. 


When removing your mask, do not touch the front of the mask, untie the ties or pull the rear band to remove your mask. 

When this is completed, wash your hands! 

Be safe out there and remember there are no emergenices in a pandemic! 


The Oxylator w/ Dr. Jim DuCanto
Going Nuclear: Crisis Standards of Care

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