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Spirit 2 Strong

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It is with a heavy heart that we at FlightBridgeED extend our condolences to the Spirit family.  The news that we have lost a HEMS provider is never easy to hear, especially for co-workers and family members.  In addition, this tragedy has pulsated through the HEMS industry and left us with emptiness in our hearts and leaving us with questions about what we do and the sacrifices we make.  Now what?  Where to we go from here?  And how do we honor the fallen?  But through tragedy we can – and we will – honor the fallen daily by continuing to answer the call and respond even when our fallen mates cannot.  

The support from the HEMS industry never ceases to amaze me.  The state of Wisconsin’s response has been so incredible, that I want to say, “Well done!” to the Governor and state officials.  To the families of those involved, we are so sorry for your loss and extend our deepest sympathies to you and your families.  Please know that these crew members have not given the ultimate sacrifice in vain and that their memory lives on each time we answer the call.  Throughout the HEMS world, these tragedies force us to re-evaluate the things that matter in life.  No matter how long we have been flying or for whom we work, we must pause and remember why we do what we do.  I reread a post by Klint’s wife, and it reminded me that the people are why I love this job.  From my perspective, it seems as if these fallen crew members loved people.  These three individuals have given the ultimate sacrifice, so today – and always – we will remember them:  Rico Caruso, Pilot; Greg Rosenthal, Flight Paramedic; and Klint Mitchell, Flight Nurse.  Brothers, we have the watch now and will take it from here.  May you all rest in peace.

Klint Kloepping

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Dr. Dan Davis, MD

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