Podcast 94 - COVID-19 In The ICU w/ Leon Eydelman

In this episode Sam and I talk with Leon Eydelman (@ECMOeydelman) who is an intensivist from Illinois. Dr. Eydelman discusses how his team is currently handling the surge of patients with COVID19.

Discussion topics include:

1.Isolation from an ICU vantage point.

2.Proning vs. ECMO.

3.Antiviral therapy and steroid use.

4.Coinfection and efficacy of azithromycin and antibiotics.

Information is as accurate as 3/22/2020


Podcast 93 - Cellular Hijack w/ Tom Latosek

Recent conversations with our friend and beloved medical student, Tom Latosek, have been very mentally stimulating surrounding the current pandemic. While never claiming to be an "expert," Tom has a particular interest in infectious disease and I personally find his knowledge helpful when trying to wrap my head around this topic. I recorded one of these conversations and felt the topics covered were stimulating and extremely beneficial for EMS providers in these dynamic times.

In this episode Sam and I speak with Tom regarding:

1.The science behind virus particles and how they hijack specific cells to replicate.

2.How antivirals work.

3.Basic Epidemiology

4.Protective PPE Nuances.

This is a graph with indepedent and dependent variables on the Y axis and exposure risk on the X axis. Dependent variables DEPEND on good technique and strategy. The BVM is not pictured with a filter but should ALWAYS be utilzied with a filter with any suspected infectious disease.

Josh Farkas and Adam Thomas from Internet Book of Critical Care have an excellent and dynamic chapter on this as well. I highly recommend spending sometime reading through this (link is hyperlinked above).


Article in NEJM discussing virus particle size

Interesting article on efficiency of various masks

Decreased pulmonary function following recovery

Excellent video on possible treatments for COVID-19



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